Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I could write an entire blog on the things my kids say and do, but it would take so many hours of my day that I just can't. It'd be entertaining for sure, but just too time consuming. But, I have two little nuggets I want to share today...

  • Harper was making a map of sorts and asking me to name different states. As I named the states, he was writing the letter it began with, circling it and then drawing a line to the next one, like a dot to dot. He asked which state we drove through first when we went to see my parents in South Carolina. I told him Virginia. As we went along he asked about several different states and then began to tell me about his map. When we got to Virginia I saw that he'd written and "F". I asked him why he'd written and "F" there and he said it was for "Firginia" the first state we drive through to go to Meme and Papa's house. ;) 
  • I was looking through my senior year yearbook when Dakota came into the room. I asked her if she could find me on a page with a few other people. She looked and looked and finally said "I don't see mama but I see Zoe!" and pointed to my picture! Haha! People always say we're identical, but it's so funny hearing it from my other children!

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