Monday, May 16, 2016

What's Your Sign?

Both Harper and Dakota love making signs and hanging them on the doors in the house. Here are the latest additions:

The sign above is hanging on the door from the kitchen to the garage. Harper really wanted to hang this one on the front door but I'm not about to allow tape on my brand new front door so he settled for magnets on the garage door. It's facing the outside so that if anyone comes to our house they'll be too scared to come in because "our are house is haunted". :) I haven't got the slightest idea why he thought to make this sign or why he wants people to think our house is haunted, but there you have it. You've been warned.

The following sign is one Dakota made after he ticked her off.

That unhappy sign is hanging on the outside of her door letting Harper know that he is not welcome in her room. They had been playing outside when Dakota came up crying that Harper hit her (usually it's the other way around). She immediately locked him outside, grabbed paper and a marker and got to work on this sign. It's hard to see, but she made the mouth "not smiling" and "mean", because Harper was mean. You can see though that she gave him long "girl hair" and that made him a girl. When she told him she'd made him a girl he was a little pissed. He said "well, if I'm a girl then you're a boy" and she responded with "no I'm not, see I have long girl hair". And so it went. She hung that sign with not one but two pieces of tape...we'll see how long it works out for her. 

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