Monday, May 16, 2016

I Love the 90's!

I have got a majorly busy week ahead and the weekend wasn't relaxing either, but it sure was fun! My high school friend Melissa and I went to the I Love the 90's concert in Baltimore on Saturday night. It was sooo much fun! She got up here around 4:30 or so and we had to leave immediately because we knew there was also going to be a baseball game and parking gets tricky with so much going on in one night. (Thanks to Tony for thinking of the game/parking issue! It's something I wouldn't have thought of!) We made it into the city with no problems, got great parking and then headed out to find some dinner.

We ended up going to Kona Grill, a place Tony and I had eaten and enjoyed before. We both settled on sushi (excellent!) and while she tried a Sake Sangria, I had a Classic Mojito (yum!). She also wanted to try one of the beers, a Kirin Ichiban, and it was HUGE so I ended up helping her finish that. It was pretty good! Once we were stuffed we headed back to the venue.

I looked online a few days before the concert to see if the seating had filled up and saw that it hadn't changed much since I'd ordered my tickets. There were a lot of empty seats down on the floor where we were but the stands were pretty full. The floor in front of us was packed but I'd gotten end row seats and we had pretty good line of site to the stage. I think if I go there for a concert again I'll get the cheaper stand tickets as I think the seating is actually a little better. But, it was fine for this concert because we almost never sat so it didn't matter!

The show kicked off with Young MC and while he wasn't my favorite, he was good. It seemed to take him a bit to get everyone pumped up but when Rob Base came out, things got better. The next to come out was Tone Loc, and he must have told us a dozen times that he was happy to still get to be onstage at the ripe old age of 50! I can't believe I'm only 10 years younger than him! (Makes me feel super old!) I loved hearing him sing Wild Thing and he really has a unique voice that I'd forgotten. Seeing him was one of the highlights of the show, for me anyways. Coolio came out after Tone and he's not one of my favorites either but in the middle of his set he did a tribute to some artists that have recently passed (Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston etc.) and that was pretty great! Color Me Badd was next followed by All 4 One. They were both great and reminded us of how much we loved hearing those beautiful harmonies; something you don't hear so much anymore. Salt N Pepa were the closing act and they were phenomenal! They looked great, sounded great and Spinderella was there to DJ! It was AWESOME! Mid way through their set they also did a bit of a tribute but theirs was geared to other amazing 90's artists. I can't remember all of the bands they highlighted but I know Guns N Roses, Nirvana and Bel Biv Devoe were in there! There were probably 15 others, but I can't remember them all!

Melissa and I had a wonderful time and I can't remember the last time I danced so much! The show didn't end until after 11pm (I think) and after sitting in the parking garage for about half and hour we finally got back to my house around 12:45am. Poor Missy had to drive home from here because she didn't have anyone to keep her dog, so she didn't get home till after 2 am. Fun times for sure and I hope we'll get to see another show together some time!

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