Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My Mother's Day didn't begin until I rolled out of bed around 8:30 am. Tony had taken the kids out to get donuts to share with Mema so the house was nice and quiet when I got up. I took a leisurely shower and just as I finished up, they were home. It wasn't much longer before Zoe and Brandon were at the house and we were making plans for the day.  We ended up sitting around the table chatting the morning away and then we all hopped in the van and drove to Frederick for lunch. I've never been to Frederick before but I loved it right away! It's so pretty out there and the weather was perfect. We had a nice lunch at a little Mexican restaurant, La Paz and then we drove out to explore Washington Monument State Park where we took 5 bajillion pictures...

As you can see, the scenery out there is amazing! It was fun to climb up to the top of the tower and the views from up there were breathtaking. The kids loved climbing up and down the steps as well as on top of every available rock! And, when I say kids, I mean Dakota, Harper, Landon and Brandon! (When Dakota first saw the tower she said "I wanna go see the princess! All princesses live in castles! So CUTE!)

Once we made it back down the trail we spent a little time on the (sorry) playground and then we headed back home.

We didn't get home till after 4:30 pm and we were exhausted! Tony grilled up some burgers and sides and Mema joined us for dinner. It was an excellent way to spend my Mothers Day and the best part was that I didn't have to do much of the planning!

Now to start thinking about Father's Day...

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