Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend Stuff

These darned weekends just go too fast. We got a lot of stuff accomplished but there is always a few other things I'd like to have done...good thing there's only 5 days till the next weekend rolls around.

Yesterday we made a run out to Ikea which turned into an all day affair. We got home and started unloading the van when I realized we'd forgotten half of our stuff at the store. Now, Ikea isn't terribly far from here but it's far enough that we can't just jump in the car and run right back up there. Since we'd not just forgotten things (we paid for them and it was on our receipt) we decided we'd have to go back up there. Luckily my mother in law agreed to watch the two little kids so they wouldn't have to go all the way back up there again. We dropped them off at her house and while she fed them dinner, we got our stuff. On the way back we stopped and had some dinner at Kodo, a Japanese steakhouse. It was nice getting that little bit of unexpected time to eat without kids. :) We were pretty surprised when we left though and realized that we'd left the car running the entire time we were inside having dinner! (Tony gets the blame for that one since he was the one driving!) Good thing it was still there when we came out of the restaurant!

Today was haircuts and grocery shopping followed by a thorough cleaning of the garage. Exciting times, people. But, stuff got done and here we are, ready to take on another week.

I've been doing some scrap booking as of late, so in lieu of pictures of a mediocre weekend, I'll share a quick page I made. Hope you had a nice weekend!

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