Monday, June 20, 2016

First Day of Summer

Harper, Dakota and I spent our first day of summer at Six Flags. Landon spent his first day of summer with friends at a pool party. :)

We got to the park a little after 10 am. The gates don't officially open until 11, but with a gold card (which we have) we get in a half hour earlier than everyone else. So, we got in the gates but when we made our way over to Hurricane Harbor, they wouldn't let us through because they were doing some kind of work with heavy machinery. I was super annoyed because it completely defeats the purpose of being allowed in early to get seating and whatnot if you can't get in. We stood waiting for quite awhile before finally being allowed into the water park section and we were able to snag great seats for the day.

We were meeting friends but they were coming a little later than we were so we hung out at the new splash area until they got there and it opened. Harper was the only one who liked it though because the other three kids aren't fond of water getting all in their faces. I let Harper play there for awhile before we decided to head to the less splashy area of the park. 

Harper loves those giant buckets that dump water on your head! He stood there waiting for that big splash and he just LOVED it! None of the other kids liked that idea at all. Dakota did everything she could to avoid it. At one point I talked her into going up in the structure with me and she only agreed once I told her I'd carry her up. We'd just gotten up the first set of steps and I put her down and told her there wasn't any water spraying that particular area when that big bucket dumped 4 bajillion gallons of water right on our heads...oops. She wanted straight off that damned thing and NOW! 

Lunch Selfies

The kids really enjoyed playing in the main pool area. They played in there for a little over an hour just splashing around, chasing each other and cruising down the slowest slides on the planet kiddie slides. 

Before heading home for the day I let the kids get some Dippin' Dots. They both chose Rainbow Ice flavor but when Dakota saw my chocolate, she couldn't resist! I think she ate more of mine that her own. Isn't that the way it always goes?!

We had such a fun day and I'm looking forward to lots more of it in the weeks ahead. 

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