Saturday, August 6, 2016

Finding Dory Party and Frozen Swimming Party

Today was a busy birthday party day around here. One of Dakota's friends from preschool invited her to her Finding Dory party from 11-1 and then both little kids were invited to a swimming party this afternoon from 3-5. It was quite a day!

Dakota was really excited but nervous to go to the first party. She's used to Harper being a buffer between her and the other kids but he wasn't invited to this party and wasn't there to make her feel comfortable. As I parked the car she started worrying and said she didn't want to go in. As I unbuckled her car seat she started to cry a little but I reassured her I'd be there the whole time and once I reminded her that she could carry the gift in, she brightened up. We were the first to arrive and that was a good thing because she would have hated walking into a house full of people she didn't know. Being there first allowed her to get used to the environment a little while people trickled in behind us.

For the first 20 minutes or so she sat on my lap and just watched what was going on but then another friend from school showed up and she seemed to relax. She played by herself (most of the kids were doing their own thing) and kind of just watched what other kids were doing and eventually she was feeling comfortable and I was able to talk with other parents upstairs while she played with her friend downstairs, which for Dakota, is monumental. I couldn't help but be proud of her!

Pin the Tail on Nemo

They kids got to play a few games, have lunch and cake and then, somehow, 2 hours had passed and we headed home to relax a bit before the next party.

The second party was at our neighborhood pool and was for Dakota's best friend, Sydney. It was Sydney's 5th birthday and she still loves all things Frozen, so it was a Frozen swim party!

The kids all played and had the best time together. They had a cute little ice cream cake and they'd made "snowballs" with sponges for the kids to play with. At one point Dakota and Sydney were playing and Dakota told Syd she was going to be a "lemonader" and Sydney had to come to her house to drink lemonade. They took turns being the lemonaders and the customers.

My buddy Harps was there and having a great time too but he wasn't letting me get pictures. He's gotten to that age where he likes to be difficult...but, I did get one of him opening his goody bag. I told him he could only look in it if I got a picture. ;)

While we were all at the pool Landon and his friend Tyler were at the mall catching Pokemon. They've gone Pokemon crazy! After the swim party we all got dressed and went to pick them up a the mall and then grabbed a pizza for dinner. 

It was a crazy, busy, long day but it was a lot of fun! We've got another birthday party next weekend since my little Harps will be turning 6! 

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