Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Last Day He's 5...

My little Harps will turn 6 tomorrow and birthdays are always just a little bitter sweet for me. I'm guessing it's that way for most parents, but I'm going to go ahead and feel sorry for myself anyways.  

I met up with Zoe and Brandon to check out a possible wedding venue and I guess Dakota missed me while I was gone because when I got home she wouldn't leave my side. Once I'd finished my dinner, we decided to take the kids out for some ice cream. (Landon, as usual, declined. Bum.) When I got to the table the two kids had saved me a seat in between them and insisted I sit there. I asked why I was so special tonight and Harper said it was "just because you're our mom". Sweet. 

So, we enjoyed our ice cream and then while we waited for Dakota to finish her chocolate/gummy bear scoop, we took some pictures. (Harper had rainbow sherbet with gummy bears and when he'd finished his he sidled up to his sister and gave her his best sad face until she gave him some bites of hers. He's devilish like that.) 

After I took the following picture I told Dakota it looked like she had a "mouth full of doody" (gross, I know) and Harper thought that was just hilarious!

And it was that laughter that I caught next. I just love his genuine beautiful smile! Look at those tiny little baby teeth...they will be replaced with adult teeth sooner than I'd like. 

It's crazy that he'll wake up and be 6 years old tomorrow. I asked him what he thought would be different when he woke up and he said he'd probably be taller, smarter, faster and 6. :)

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