Sunday, September 18, 2016

Arundel Invitational

Landon had a cross country meet Friday after school. It was at a nearby school (Arundel High) and his run began at 6 pm, so we were all able to make it this time. We got to the field around 5:30 and the parking lots were full! We did get a spot though and we made it to the field in time to see them warm up before they began.

It's hard to see, but in the distance you can see the teams all lined up and waiting to go. 

Once they'd all passed us we ran to the chain link fence across the field to get a peek as they ran by. I tried to get a good picture but the darn fence was in the way!

After this part we just hung out for 20 minutes until kids started to reemerge from the path. 

Here he comes, he's the third white shirt, in the center.

And there he goes. Dakota and Harper got to play their games for a little bit while we waited. Dakota made sure to yell "Go, Landon!" when she saw him. She kept asking me why I was yelling "Go, Old Mill!" every time someone ran by in white!

After he ran by us I went over to the finish line to wait for him. I was waiting to see him and then all of a sudden, there he was, gaining momentum and doing his best to pass as many people as he could at the end. 

He finished right around the 23:50 mark which is almost 5 minutes faster than his last run of 28:09:70. (I should get his official time tomorrow when he gets home from practice.) 

I'm so proud of him! I thought he did an amazing job! I'm even prouder that once he got back and caught his breath he ran back up the hill to cheer on his teammates! He's a winner all around in my books! 

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