Monday, September 12, 2016

Donut Date

Dakota and I met our friends for a donut date this morning. There is nothing better than a Krispy Kreme donut fresh off the belt. Nothing.

Here's our buddy Wyatt. Isn't he cute with his little sly smile!

There were some balloons tied to some of the chairs and they went to investigate. Dakota tugged on one of them and it came free and she had a bit of a panic about whether or not she could keep it. I assured her it would be okay, but she insisted that I ask. We asked and were told that she and Wyatt could take as many as they wanted. They ended up leaving with three each. :)

We found out that it doesn't take long to eat donuts and we were done by 10 am. (We got there at 9:30!) Since we had lots of time to kill before school, we went to a playground that was nearby.

We played there for about an hour and then we had to run home to get her backpack and lunch before heading to school. It was a great morning! 

After I dropped her off at school I went home and had lunch then went to Harper's school to help in his classroom. It was fun to be there and I liked being able to see what his day looked like. He was so happy that I was there that he could hardly concentrate on his math! I plan to volunteer every Monday while Dakota is at preschool and I'll probably start volunteering at her school every once in awhile too. I love being a part of their school life! (Landon said I wasn't allowed to volunteer at his school, but he sure loved it when he was in elementary school!)

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