Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dinner Under the Stars, Annapolis

Last Wednesday we finally made it out to Dinner Under the Stars in Annapolis. It's been on my calendar all summer but it hadn't worked out to go until last week. We went with our friends the Wakefield's and my mom also joined us since she was here.

There are several participating restaurants but we chose El Toro Bravo because we just love Mexican food! We ate there once before and thought it was pretty good, so why not? My friend Lisa was all about it once she saw fried ice cream on the menu! Lol!

Group selfie...I accidentally blocked my mom, Dakota is behind Jeff, Landon was washing his hands and Harper was grumpy...but it still turned out cute! (Can you see I'm holding little Evelyn?! Precious little thing!)

Here's mom enjoying baby Evelyn...

And, here's my teen. Cute even when he's ornery.

Mom and I:

The Dads:

Of course we had to get balloon things (dog and flower) when the balloon guy came by:

Both Dakota and Harper were quite impressed with Evelyn this time. They both held and loved on her. It was sweet.

All in all, it was a good night. Good food, great friends, fun atmosphere. We all agreed it'd be fun to do again...maybe even without the adorable kiddos! :) 

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