Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Soccer: Team Minions

Sometime this summer I gave Harper the choice to either try soccer or go back to swim lessons. Surprisingly, he chose to try soccer. When it came time for sign ups, I asked him if soccer was still his preference and he said it was, so I signed him up.

We went and bought the obligatory soccer gear a few days before his first practice and $65 later, he had everything he needed. It was only as he was walking out the door for his first practice that he had a bit of...shall we say...choosers remorse. With a look of terror he turned to me and said "Mom, when you asked me whether I wanted to do soccer or swim, I didn't know you were serious"! To his credit, we do play the game "would you rather" when we're looking for a way to pass the time, but we'd talked about this on numerous occasions (and he was there when we chose a ball, cleats, shin guards, water bottle) and I think it just finally hit him when he was actually putting on the shin guards and cleats. :)

He has practice on Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 7. I missed his first night because it happened to be the same night as the aquarium dinner but I asked Tony to get some pictures/videos in my absence.

Tony said he did really well that night and seemed to enjoy himself, but when I asked him about it the next day he said he didn't like it. I don't know if he really didn't like it or if he just isn't too sure about it yet. Only time will tell. 

Last Thursday was his second practice and I made it up to the field to watch him play for a little bit. He was so happy to see me there, but I was only able to stay for a few minutes because Dakota was swirling the drain and needed to get to bed on time. 

After I left, Tony took some videos but most of them are really shaky so I won't post them here. But there is this one that I can't help but post:

So cute!

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