Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall Leaf Activities and Working on Numbers

I forgot to post some activities Dakota and I did last week. 

The two kids noticed that some of the leaves were starting to fall off the trees in our neighborhood so I thought it'd be a good time to talk with her about autumn and leaves. I found a couple cute activities on Pinterest and we were set.

First, we made hand print leaves. I painted her hands with some fall colors and then she made an imprint on some white card stock. Once it was dry, I drew in the veins and we talked about the parts of the leaf and labeled them. It was her idea to draw the sun, and I think it was a sweet addition. :)

Another project we did was a fall luminary. She and I chose some fall colored tissue paper, cut/tore it into small bits and then used modge podge to glue it to a glass jar. Once it was fully covered, we put a little tea light candle inside and it is now sitting in her bedroom as a night light. (Not that she uses it because she insists on sleeping with her lamp on, but whatever.)

We also did a few number activities this week. The first was a cutting/gluing worksheet. She had to cut out the numbers and fill in the blanks. She was able to do this completely on her own. She did all her own cutting, gluing and knew which number went where. It might have been just a touch too easy but she loves to cut and glue so she didn't mind. 

The other number activity we did was rolling a die and then using a dot painter to mark the number she rolled on her paper. So, she'd roll a one, for instance, and then mark the number 1's on her paper. We have six different dot paint colors so it worked out perfectly. She loved it!

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