Sunday, September 11, 2016

Harper's First Soccer Game

Harper had his very first soccer game yesterday morning and man was it a hot day for it! My morning started super early because I had to get up at 6 am so that I could be ready to get Landon to practice by 7 am. It took several times, but I did eventually get him to get his butt out of bed and we made it there just in time. He wasn't too happy when I dropped him off, but as usual, he was fine when I picked him up at 8:30. We zipped home and got the car packed for Harper's 10:15 game. 

Last Tuesday we had back to school night for both little kids (at two different schools at the same time, of course) so Harper didn't make practice and then Thursday the school he practices at had back to school night so our practice was cancelled that night as well. So, after having only 2 practices in his life, he had a game. I was prepared for the worst which would have been his refusal to play and a meltdown. 

I was pleasantly surprised at his amazing attitude about the whole thing though and I had no need to worry after all because he had a great time! 

It was horribly hot out and even sitting in the shade we were all sweating so you can only imagine how hot those little kids were playing out there. Nonetheless, they kept playing, even my Harps. They play four 12 minute quarters and after the first quarter the coach put Harper in as goalie. I was a bit surprised but off he ran to the goal. Of course I grabbed my phone and ran down to get some video! Sorry for my loudness on the video...I was a little excited. :)

I'd say this first soccer experience has really been a good one so far. I asked him how he felt about his first game and he said "well, I didn't love it, but I did like it"! That's really all I can ask for, so I'm happy!


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