Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Night out at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

My parents and brother were up here last week because the American Polygraph Association's annual week long meeting was held in Baltimore this year. My dad and brother worked while mom visited with us but one night the APA rented out the National Aquarium for a dinner and my mom, Zoe, Brandon and I got to go. The event was from 7 pm-11 pm a little too late for the other kids and Tony who had to get up early the next morning for work and school.

The aquarium is generally pretty packed during regular business hours so it was really nice to get to experience it when there were so few people. Being able to leisurely walk through while eating (amazing) appetizers was a very unique treat. The dinner was also really good but I think the crab dip stole the show. I could NOT stop eating it! (And, I wasn't the only one!)

I think the best part of the entire aquarium that night was the Jellyfish Invasion. There is something truly mesmerizing about those jelly's! I labeled the one's I'm pretty sure of. I had to look on the aquarium's website for help, but I still couldn't figure out what all of the names were.

Blue Blubber Jelly (ADORABLE)

Upside-Down Jelly

Moon Jelly

Pacific Sea Nettle

Atlantic Sea Nettle

And, here are a few video's I took of the jelly's:

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