Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Field Trip to Maryland Science Center

Today I went to the science center with Harper and his classmates. I can't remember the last time we went and Harper has never been so I was a little excited to get to go with him. (Tony stayed home with Dakota and got her off to preschool so that I could go with Harps.)

We got there just after 10 am and had a little time to let the kids explore before their IMAX movie started at 10:30. The movie was about monarch butterflies and it was very interesting! It was amazing how crystal clear the film was and how closely they filmed in order to see each and every detail. You could actually see the butterflies laying their eggs on the leaves of milkweed, which is also the only thing they eat. I learned a lot, apparently!

After the movie we had lunch and then had about an hour and fifteen minutes to do what we wanted. The kids loved all of the interactive elements and I spent a lot of time reading the signs to them so they'd understand what was happening.

I didn't get picked to go on the next field trip, which is to the BSO, and I have to say I think I got the better of the trips! (I'm not a big fan of watching an orchestra play.) I'm just glad that so many parents signed up to go that they actually couldn't have everyone. Usually not enough people volunteer so this is a nice change!

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