Friday, January 13, 2017

A Bed for a Sick Bear

Since I used my time for packing last night I didn't have any energy left to blog, so I'm making up for that now.

Yesterday afternoon I got to go to Dakota's school to help her make a bed for a sick teddy bear they have in their class. The kids have been collecting things to make the beds with at home (cardboard, fabric pieces, sticks, old clothing etc) and then yesterday they were divided into small groups to make beds for the bear.

This is the bed that Dakota and her friend made:

They started with a big box that originally held goldfish and then added a cereal box headboard and a peppermint tin foot board. Next they found another small box to add height to the bottom, but they decided they wanted legs too, so they grabbed four toilet paper rolls and taped them to the bottom. Since the bed was so high Dakota felt like it needed a ladder which you can see was crafted with Popsicle sticks and tape. The pillow was a hood cut off of a child size sweatshirt and then rolled and held tight with a rubber band. The mattress was another cut of the sweatshirt and the blanket was a swatch taken from a summer dress. The girls were very proud of their work and I only helped when they asked, like to cut the cardboard or hold something while they taped. 

It was fun watching they work together and collaborate on how the end product should look!

Here are a few of the other beds I saw:

I thought this was a really cool project and the kids imaginations really got a good workout making these awesome beds! Today they got to test the beds to see if the bear would fit!

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