Friday, January 13, 2017

Cropping the Weekend Away...

It took me about two hours to pack my stuff up for my scrap booking weekend last night and when I was done, I was exhausted! I have a ton of stuff and this year I'm bringing more than I ever have. On top of the stuff I always bring I've got a new printer to bring as well. Tony decided to buy me a printer on a whim and while it is light and portable, it's still kinda big; but I'm bringing it anyways. Usually I spend the few days before the crop printing photo's to bring so it'll be nice to just print what I want when I'm there. Hopefully it works smoothly and people don't think I'm too ridiculous...screw them if they do!

I just finished loading up my van and almost everything is in there now. I'm only missing my laptop because I'm using it right now to blog!

 Here's the trunk full of paper, cutters, stamps, dies, inks, scrap papers, project life cards, stickers etc:

Passenger side backseat has my project life album (2016), 1 tub of cruise pics, papers and embellishments, 1 tub of camping pics, papers and embellishments, and two huge tubs of other embellishments like brads, rhinestones, ribbon, washi tape, etc. The new printer is sitting on the floor in front of that seat. 

And the front passenger seat holds my Cricut and a couple bags of things I plan to put on the freebie table:

I'm excited to get there and get set up and started! I look forward to this every year! 

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