Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Class 2

Dakota and I have been looking forward to going back to her art class since last week. She was so happy when I reminded her that we got to go back today!

The class continued with the sky/air theme and we made several things that you could find up there. The first thing we learned was how to draw a bee. We got to practice on a scrap piece of paper before doing our final drawing.

Practice with pencil:


Real deal using oil pastels and watercolors:

She drew her bees body a little close to the top of the paper so she put the wings on the bottom. :) Great learning experience!

The next project was to glue small squares of paper to a hot air balloon picture:

The third project involved a butterfly stencil taped to white paper that we then painted on top of and around. Once we removed the butterfly we were able to paint it a different color. Easy, peasy with awesome results!

The last project of the day was painting and then gluing button windows on an airplane:

Next week we'll either begin the land or sea part of our classes and we're excited to go back! 

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