Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Class 3

Dakota and I attended her third Artsy Partsy class this morning. This week we began our land study with what grows the ground. The kids got to make a flower with pre-cut shapes, paint a wooden flower and make a tree using clay, paint, beads and chenille stems.

For the first flower, the teacher just handed out pre-cut parts and let the kids figure out what the shapes made when put together. It was like a puzzle for them to figure out what they were making. It seemed obvious to me but it took Dakota a few minutes to figure out the placement.

The clay project was probably the most fun thing we did today. Dakota LOVES to play with play dough so this was a treat for her. The kids were each given a "sheet" of clay that they first had to form into the trunk of the tree. The clay is a bit more firm than play dough so it took a lot of work to get it into the correct shape. After the trunk was formed the kids stuck a small dowel into the center and then they each get another sheet of clay to form a ball which would be the tree's canopy. After the canopy was attached to the trunk the kids used beads and pipe cleaners to add character to their trees. The last step was to paint the top green. (We left the tree there to dry and I forgot to get a final photo so I'll post that when we bring it home next week.)

The last project was just a wooden flower photo frame that the kids were able to paint. It was simple but Dakota loved painting her little pot.

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