Monday, January 2, 2017

December Daily, Days 11-17

Day 11: This day was spent hanging out with the family and doing some cookie baking. I bought Zoe and Dakota really cute aprons at a craft fair that morning and they were able to wear them while we got to work making cookies!

Day 12: Busy days mean omelets for dinner! We'd been out shopping and running errands so our regular Sunday grocery store trip didn't happen...that's just how life goes sometimes!

Day 13: I'm really lucky to have a daughter who enjoys addressing Christmas cards for me! Zoe has always liked writing them out for me and I've always been happy to let her! 

Day 14: Dakota decided to make little drawings for every package under the tree. She worked and worked on it and soon everything under the tree had a special little something from Dakota on it! 

Day 15: Just a sweet picture of a big brother reading to his little sister before school in the morning.

Day 16: My parents drove up from South Carolina to spend the next few days with us and we had a little cookie decorating party that night. Fun times! (My parents usually come up after Christmas but my dad will be traveling right after Christmas this year so we adjusted our schedules for that.)

Day 17: The left page is mostly just holiday "stuff" but there is a picture of a cookie ice skate and some hand print Christmas tree cards the kids made for their teachers this year. On the right is a page about my dad playing hide and go seek with Dakota and his pretending that he doesn't realize she's hiding right beneath him...

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