Monday, January 2, 2017

December Daily, Days 18-21

Day 18: A trip to visit Santa was the first thing on the agenda that day. Then it was home to get ready for our gift exchange dinner with everyone. There were 17 of us that night; Chris, Lori, Travis & his girlfriend, Lauren, Lea, Mema, Umpa, my parents, Zoe, Brandon and of course myself, Tony and the three kids. I had a lot of pictures for this day so I cut one of the 12 slot page protectors into 8 and put it between the original two pages.

Day 19: We made time tonight to put together our gingerbread houses. It's hard to get Landon to participate in anything but he did do this with us. The left page with the little gingerbread house has hidden journaling. 

Day 20: Harper's class had a gingerbread decorating day and Dakota and I went to help. It was a lot of fun and Harper always loves it when we get to come to his classroom!

Day 21: I got to go to Dakota's class to help with Winter Fun Day. There were several activities to do and there were so many other parents there to help that I didn't even get a station! I thought it was great that so many parents wanted to help in their child's room! I also thought it was great that I got to go station to station with Dakota and spend that time with her since I didn't have to run a table.

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