Monday, January 2, 2017

December Daily, Days 22-25

Day 22: The kids were making all kind of art this morning and Harper cut out a circle, taped it to his face and then came over to me and said "Look mama, I'm Rudolph!" :)

Day 23: Not much going on today so I just added a close up of one of our trees. I put up 5 trees this year and forgot to take pictures! Haha!

Day 24: Christams Eve morning Landon went over to his girlfriends house to exchange gifts. He used duct tape and zip ties to make hers extra hard to get into! That afternoon we headed over to Mema's to exchange gifts and have our traditional lasagna dinner. 

Day 25: Christmas day. I always have tons of pictures of Christmas morning and this year was no exception, but in order to keep this book a decent size, I just chose some of my favorites. There's a picture of the tree with presents under it, the empty milk glass with cookie crumbs, Zoe and Brandon showing up bright and early with their sack of gifts, Dakota anxiously watching Harper open his gift, Landon seeing a video game he'd been wanting under the wrapping etc... On the right is a little summary of Christmas morning and a bit about being thankful for being able to spend the holiday with all my kids at home. It was a Merry Christmas indeed.

Added Pages:

Harper and Dakota made some adorable snowmen one morning (the same morning as the Rudolph nose) and I wanted them in my book so I just taped them to a page and inserted them at the end. I also included a drawing Harper made of Santa on his sleigh as well as a picture of the snow globe Dakota made at preschool. 

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