Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Another year come and gone?! It's so crazy how fast time flies!

We spent New Years Eve at home like we have for as long as I can remember. We spent the beginning of the day running 1000 errands and then the afternoon and evening were spent eating and playing games.

Tony made Sausage Stromboli and Cheesy Vegetable Soup for dinner and then we had a chocolate fondue for dessert. We had strawberries, pineapple chunks, banana's, pound cake and brownies to dunk in the was delicious!

Luckily everyone was in a game playing mood and we had lots of new games to try this year.

First up was Watch Ya' Mouth and we all LOVED it! It was great fun and hilarious to try to guess what everyone was saying! (Dakota watched us play but she didn't want to try it.)

Next up was Dixit, a cool game my brother bought us for Christmas. After hearing what it was about I was eager to give it a try and it turned out to be a really neat game. (Thanks, Kyle!) Zoe's friend Viktor showed up right before we started Dixit, so he played with us. He ended up staying the rest of the evening and he joined in on our board game fun...

In between Dixit and the next game, Viktor and Landon tried a few rounds of Quadrillion. I bought that game for Harper but it's a little tough...good thing Brandon loves it! He plays it when he's over!
They also played a couple rounds of Otrio, another game I bought Harper that is good for everyone!

The last game we played for the evening was Betrayal at House on the Hill. It's a role playing game with four million rules. It's kind of cool, but I was pretty tired by the time we got to it and it really needed concentration. Everyone else (except Landon) was really into it and seemed to enjoy it. I think it's a game we'll try another time when we aren't as tired and we have at least a few hours to play. We ended it early because we knew it was going to take us quite a while to finish and it was about 20 minutes to midnight by then.

We all grabbed spots on the couch and turned the TV on to watch the ball drop. As soon as the countdown ended we said our good nights and as the kids left, Tony and I collapsed into bed. 

It was a fun way to end 2016 and ring in 2017...looking forward to a great year! 

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