Saturday, January 28, 2017

Harper's Peru Project

A couple weeks ago Harper came home with a "country project" from school. He was to choose any country he wanted and make a poster with some facts about that country. When I asked him what country he wanted to do he said South, we explained that that wasn't a country but a continent and then helped him find a country IN South America to learn about. He chose Peru. Why, I have no idea.

While I was at the Women's March on Washington Tony helped Harper gather some facts about Peru. They found things they liked to eat, what animals were native to the country, what their flag looked like, etc. They didn't have school this past Monday so I used that time to help Harper put his poster together with the facts that he and Tony had gathered.

I wanted the project to be simple and look like something he made, not something I did, so I gave him ideas and let him do the work. It's hard to see in the photo below, but he has South America on there with Peru colored in, the Peruvian flag, a paragraph about what they eat (they commonly eat guinea pigs!), a section that lets you know that they speak Spanish and a few words translated from English to Spanish, what sports they enjoy in Peru (soccer, bullfighting,volleyball), three photo's of animals native to their land (jaguar, spectacled bear, puma) and at the very bottom some examples of their money which is called Sol.

He practiced telling us all about his poster a few times that way he'd be ready to do his presentation on Friday. All the parents were invited to the classroom to see the kids' work so Dakota and I spent Friday morning learning all about different countries. There were some great posters and some very interesting facts and costumes!

Some kids even brought in food to try from their countries. One kid brought in seaweed and I was really surprised when Harper decided to give it a try! (He didn't like it!)

The little girl who did her project on Poland brought in kielbasa which both of my kids loved!

And, a boy who reported on Jamaica brought in plantain chips. We liked those as well!

But, the biggest winner was the little girl who talked about Germany and gave each of the kids a bag of gummy bears! Those were the class favorite, hands down! 

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