Monday, January 30, 2017

Dress Shopping, Take One

I was pretty excited to get to go wedding dress shopping with Zoe yesterday. She's been asking when we should go and I told her my first available weekend day was this Sunday, so she made an appointment at David's Bridal for 1:30 pm. Her man of honor Viktor also came and the three of us had a good time oohing and aahing over gorgeous dresses.

Zoe was the first to arrive and was told that her sales rep wasn't quite ready yet. The place was PACKED with women trying on gowns (bridal and prom) and our appointment started about 15-20 minutes late. While we waited we browsed the racks but there were so many that it was nearly impossible to know where to begin. So, we just kind of perused the aisles and checked out price tags to determine if it was even worth pulling off the rack.

I tried to take pictures of each dress she tried on and they were each truly unique. Of course we liked bits and pieces of each gown but there were definitely a few standouts. The first one was a trumpet design and while it was pretty, it wasn't my favorite. Zoe loved it and we loved the length of the train but it was the first dress so we didn't wanna get too excited just yet. The only thing I didn't like about it was the stitching on the cups of the dress top. I felt like it took away from the dress, not added to it. Zoe didn't feel that way at all and thought it was great, but on we went.

This next dress was GORGEOUS! I loved every single thing about it and so did Zoe and Viktor. The only problem was they didn't have it in her size. (This is clipped all over in the back to show how the right size would fit.) This dress is no longer in production so we can't just go anywhere to get it...poo.We loved the sleeves, the beaded belt at the waist and the back was lovely was absolutely stunning.

I don't know what style the next one is considered but it too was very nice. The picture I took of it doesn't do it justice but it was so ill fitting that we didn't spend too much time on it. It was also the most expensive dress she tried on and would have needed a ton of alterations. The sleeves were too big, the bust was too big and it was really long. They didn't have another closer to her size to try on and it was really hard to imagine what it'd look like if it were better fitting.

The last dress was one I asked her to try on because it had a fuller skirt than the other dresses she'd tried. She wore an amazing dress to prom one year that fit her beautifully and when I thought wedding gown, I thought ball gown style like the prom dress. So, on a whim we pulled this next dress off the rack...

I'll admit that when she walked out I thought it was a little ho hum, but then, she stuck her hands in the POCKETS, and spun around and it was magical. I felt like it was lacking something so I asked the sales lady to grab a belt to add. The belt absolutely gave the dress the little bit of sparkle it needed but the belts she chose were too thin and really needed to be much wider to be what matched what was in my head. 

We ended up leaving without buying anything and it was a tough decision for Zoe to make but ultimately she decided she wanted to try a few other places and styles before committing. We have an appointment tomorrow and Thursday evenings...fingers crossed we'll have a decision before too long! 

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