Monday, January 9, 2017

I Will Die With You...

Today's installment of 1st Grade Love Letters:

The yellow is a little hard to read but it says "From Harper to Emmy" "Dere Emmy I (heart) you so much. you are the Best ever." Not so bad really, until I saw the other side of the paper...

Umm...creepy. I asked him what he meant by this side and he said "well, I'm gonna marry her so that means we'll always be together till we die". Good thing he's only six and doesn't know what the hell he's talking about or I'd be freaking out. And the weird picture at the bottom? Well, that's just a person with a butt for a head. Yeah, a butt head. With eyes, arms, legs and of course, a belly button. Of course. 

Harper isn't the only one who brings home papers these days though and Dakota has something in her folder almost every day too. Today she brought this home:

I asked her who it was and she said "I don't remember his name but he was the best person to share things". I wasn't quite sure what that meant but then she went on to say that he made sure people could do what the other people could do...and I still wasn't sure if she had any idea what she was talking about. Haha! So, I explained his efforts as best I could in four year old language. We decided he was a good friend to all people and that he tried to make things equal for all people. I'll see if she remember's any of that tomorrow. :) 

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