Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Happy Planner

When Brandon asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year I told him I wanted a Happy Planner. I had seen people using them and wondered if it'd be something I'd like and let me tell you...I LOVE IT! It's like scrapbooking/project life/making a list and getting it done all at the same time! There is nothing more satisfying than making a plan and carrying through and I feel like if I write it down it's about 99% gonna get done. Not checking the stuff off gives me a bit of anxiety actually, so maybe it isn't the greatest...I don't know.

Since today is the last day of January I thought I'd give you a little peak at my (nearly) finished first month.On the first page there are some questions like what am I currently reading, watching, cooking, eating, crafting etc. Then there is a spot for goals (crushed mine) birthdays this month, any notes I'd like to keep and other important dates. January was a very busy month with tons to do! (I made more than 15 scrapbook pages but I haven't officially counted them up. This post make #31!)

The next page was blank but when I got home from the Women's March, I cut those words from a newspaper we were handed at the metro stop. 

Next 2 pages are a standard monthly calendar. I used this to jot general notes about particular events/days/important dates. 

The next two pages were dated Jan 2-8th and all the things we had going on. I printed out the numbers at the top of the page with my Cricut Explore and used stickers, pens and printables I found on Pinterest to dress my days up. I also included some pictures I had taken of events we'd attended.

I used the same method for the other weeks in January filling up my pages with to do lists, things to purchase, things to get accomplished etc. Each day is separated into three rectangular boxes and I use those as morning/afternoon/evening dividers. I've seen other people use them differently but this method works for me and makes it easier for me to glance at my book and see what needs to get done at what time. 

Since the last two days of this month end on Mon/Tues there was a whole lot of space left to the right. I decided to use some more of that newspaper to fill up the space...I love that "RESIST!" and the hilarious color by number of the Chump! Some of the colors are orange (of course) alt-white, fool's gold, grey poupon, verbillion, dung and tyranny. Ha! 

Yesterday I got February all ready to go and I'm all set to begin filling up those little boxes tomorrow!

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