Monday, February 6, 2017

100th Day of Pre-K Shirt

Dakota's friend Sydney is in kindergarten this year and for their 100th day celebration each kid is asked to design a 100th day shirt. When Dakota saw Sydney's shirt she asked if we could make one too. I figured what the heck, and we found a design we liked and went for it.

She picked out a yellow t-shirt, some colorful buttons and some Cricut Iron On colors and we went home and got to work. Her part was to count out 100 buttons that I'd then sew onto her shirt. I was going to hot glue them but it was too messy that way.

Using a black ink pen, I put a dot on the shirt where each button would be sewn on. I used the holes in the buttons as my guides.

Sadly, this is what the shirt looked like after I'd spent about 2 hours sewing buttons on.

Sewing is not something I'm good at. Obviously. Uneven and terribly done...good thing Dakota doesn't care!

Then, using my Cricut, I cut out some iron on clouds to add to the bottom of my rainbow disaster.

Those little clouds helped a little bit, in my opinion. To finish the shirt I used a glittery purple vinyl to cut the words "100th Day of Pre-K'' and then ironed them on the center.

And, it was done. It wasn't anywhere close to perfect but Dakota was really happy with it and I'm pretty sure that's all that mattered!

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