Sunday, February 26, 2017

Always Blue and Gold Buff

I've been wanting to change up my wall color in the kitchen/dining room for awhile now and this past week I finally went to Lowe's and grabbed supplies to get started. I'm sticking with my yellow's and blue's but changing the tones. So, I grabbed Always Blue and Gold Buff

The blue/gray is my accent wall and the one I began with. I'll admit that once I started I wasn't too sure (that always seems the case) but it's really grown on me and I really love it!

I did the trim and rolled as far as I could reach and Tony did the top part which meant using a tiny brush to get close to the white ceiling. It turned out great!

I took the picture below the next morning and it definitely looks more gray than blue, but depending on the time of day, it changes.

Here's a picture I took later in the afternoon once I'd rehung my Polish blueware; it's much bluer looking in this picture, in my opinion, and I LOVE how the plates look on that wall! It makes me want to buy a bunch more plate holders to hang more up there! 

I was back at Lowe's yesterday buying more paint and it's all here and ready to go when I am. I pulled the vinyl words off my wall today and next will be spackling and sanding in preparation for some gold buff. I also grabbed another quart of always blue to paint the three doors in my kitchen as well as some white for the trim. I see lots and lots of time painting in my future...

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