Saturday, February 25, 2017

What Would You Do?

We started our day with all the window's open and birds singing, playing outside and running errands but around 2:45 that all changed when a crazy thunderstorm blew in. We had heavy rain and marble sized hail and the temperature dropped dramatically. Winter is the new spring I guess. 

We didn't go out for our typical Friday night dinner last night because Tony had to be on a work call at 7 pm so we went out to Kodo tonight. Mema, Zoe and Brandon met us there and as usual, we had a nice time. Harper and Dakota are both a little afraid of the fire still but there was no crying so they've improved.

After dinner we couldn't help but stop by Krispy Kreme because it was just across the street. We aren't over that way too often so it's a nice treat every once in awhile. We got 1 raspberry filled for Tony, 2 chocolate with sprinkles for Harper and Dakota, an apple fritter for Brandon and the rest were plain old sugar air. Delicious!

On the drive home Dakota wanted to play I Spy but no one was in the mood so I made up some scenario's for them to see what their answers would be. Turns out Harper is pretty darn hilarious!

Scenario 1: They each have $5 for a gift for their sister, Zoe. They find her the perfect $5 gift, get to the register only to find an AMAZING toy they've been wanting for a long time which is also only $5. What do they do?

Dakota: "I'm gonna buy the gift for my sister because I love her."
Harper: "I'm thinking I'll get myself the toy because Dakota already got Zoe something." 

Scenario 2: We are on our way into a movie theater when a homeless man asks them if they have any money they could spare. They each have enough money for popcorn and a soda. What do they do?

Dakota: "I give him my money and just watch the show."
Harper: "I don't even like popcorn and I'm not really allowed to drink soda, so I'll give him my money too."

At this point I tell them that they have such kind hearts for giving the homeless man the money etc. and Harper says "Well, Kota has a double kind heart and mine's just a single cuz' I didn't get Zoe the gift." Haha! I was laughing so hard I almost had to pull over. 

Scenario 3: You're at a new playground with a cool ride that you've never seen before. You get in a long line of people waiting and just as it's about to be your turn you notice a baby that has fallen and hurt their knee. The baby's parents aren't around and no one else is helping...what do you do?

Dakota: "I'll go and help the baby and help her find her mama."
Harper: "I'll help the baby and then just go play on something else because I hate waiting in line."

I love their answers and Harper had me laughing all the way home. They wanted me to ask them another one but I couldn't think of anymore. Harper thought of one though and had Dakota and I answer.

Harper's Scenario: We are at the pool in the summer and it's his birthday. He has snacks, but only two kinds, Twix and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. Which do we choose? Before either of us could answer though he says "I guess this is really only hard for mom because I know you'll choose the Twix Dakota (she isn't a fan of strawberry anything) but mom, I don't know how you'll choose." I laughed and said I'd probably have to have the ice cream since there are only two and Dakota got the Twix already. Then he said "well, what if it's melted"? Oh my word, I couldn't stop laughing! He was just killing me with his little kid thoughts tonight! 

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