Sunday, February 26, 2017

Music Moon/ Winter Tree

Harper brought home some art from school this week and I thought they were pretty amazing. His first piece was called "Music Moon". I love the mix of light and dark blues and the shiny glitter on top. It's cool that they used sheet music to create the moon...super cool project!

The other piece he brought home was one I couldn't wait to hang. It's in my foyer now and it's one I'll keep forever. His bird at the top of the tree was done in oil pastel while the rest was paint. I thought he drew an excellent bird and the shape of the tree turned out great as well. The snow was done with a fingertip while the brown and green were done with a brush. It's hard to see the glitter on here but in real life it's very obvious and really makes this a beautiful scene. 

I can't wait to see what other art he's been working on at school! So far he's brought home some really great stuff!

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Water Balloons

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