Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Art at Home

The next session of Artsy Partsy doesn't begin until next week so I thought today would be a good day to do some art here at home. I found some ideas last night on Pinterest and gathered up some supplies for Dakota and I. 

Our first project was a snowy day collage. It looks like they may have used felt to make their blue sky and trees but we just used construction paper. Dakota watched what I did and then followed along and she was able to do this 100% on her own. First we cut out our blue sky background followed by our triangle trees. Next we added our branches to the trees and then glued them onto our background paper. We then added the trunks to the trees and the snow was created using a q-tip and some white paint. Simple as pie.

Our second project was a snow globe. We got the idea here but changed it up a little by making snowmen instead of trees and using the paint from the last project for snow instead of cotton balls. I taught Dakota how to use a circular bowl as a stencil and then we cut out our "globe". 

Once the circles were cut out we cut out the base which I just drew on darker blue paper.

Next we used my circle punches to create our snowmen. We glued them down biggest to smallest and then used markers to add details and white paint snow dots.

Our final project of the day was a polar bear

Now that Dakota knew how to use a bowl as a circle template she was able to do this pretty much on her own. I had to help her some with the feet and the nose/mouth but other than that she did it herself.

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