Thursday, February 16, 2017

Harper's Birthday Album

I am so happy that I'm up to date on Harper's birthday album! I put the last of it together this afternoon, woo hoo!

I love this picture of him from the day he was born so I used it for the cover. He was such a sweet little thing!

First page is just a few shots of all of us holding him, the date and his weight. Just like Dakota's

Harper's first birthday was a rainbow theme. I really wanted to try making rainbow cupcakes in a jar, and they turned out great! We had a small family party, so big deal, and Harper really loved the balloons that year. 

His second birthday was another small "just us" party but this time we took it to the pool. 

Birthday number three was a peanut butter and jelly theme since that was his very favorite thing at the time. I love that we took all those silly photo's...I have no idea why I didn't get one of Dakota. Oops. 

His fourth birthday was the first one spent with friends AND family and not at home. We held it at Pump It Up, an indoor bouncy house place. He loved it!

Harper's friend Colin has a birthday in August as well so when they turned 5, we held a joint party at our pool. Since they were in the same preschool they had the same friends which made it very easy on Lisa and I!

That brings us to his most recent birthday, the big 6. That party was all about the robots...and it was super cool!

Two kids down, two to go...

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