Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dinner at Mema's House

I ended up taking a nap with Dakota this afternoon and once I finally got myself out of bed we headed over to Mema and Umpa's house for dinner. We haven't had dinner over there for quite awhile because of Mema's surgery (rotator cuff) so it was nice to get back over there with everyone.

The kids played outside until dinner and I made sure to grab some pictures while I could; they sure seem to be growing up awfully fast. They really love climbing this one tree on the side of Mema's house because it has lots of low branches they can reach by themselves.

For some reason Zoe thought she'd just climb up and over Mema's didn't happen. 

Landon and Brandon played some silly game with some little rackets and a wiffle ball and were hitting it back and forth over the top of the fence that Zoe was trying to scale. 

The little kids asked the big kids to walk them to the playground so they all ended up down there for a bit too. I walked down shortly after they did to get some more pictures but didn't end up taking many because I was too busy watching my kids be crazy.

And then we all headed back for dinner. 

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Water Balloons

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