Friday, February 17, 2017

Ruth's Chris Lunch Date

Tony and I went on our Valentine's Day lunch date today. He made reservations at the new Ruth's Chris that opened up down the road so it was nice and close. We dropped Dakota off at preschool at noon and were at the restaurant by 12:15.

We've only eaten at Ruth's Chris once before and it was so long ago I could hardly remember what it was like except that I was very pregnant at the time and their air conditioner was broken so I thought I was going to melt. I do remember the food being very good though so it wasn't a terrible experience or anything.

There weren't that many people there and we were seated immediately. We ended up sitting next to a woman who was alone and she took every opportunity to chat with us. She was really sweet and just wanted someone to talk to so we happily obliged. Tony took some time this morning to run to the jewelry store and pick out a few things to surprise me with at lunch and when the lady next to us noticed the box he handed me she said "Oh! Now I've gotta see this!" I was a little embarrassed by the attention but the gifts were beautiful, she agreed and told me to "wear them in good health". I don't know what that means, but I said thanks anyways. :)

For appetizers Tony went with the Lettuce Wedge Salad while I opted for the Lobster Bisque. I cannot turn down a bisque and boy was this one good! When the server brought out my soup the bowl only had pieces of lobster in it, no liquid and I thought maybe I was being punked! She noticed my puzzled face and then poured the hot soup on top of the lobster...I guess they want you to be sure you're getting what you order! For the main course Tony ordered the scallops and I ordered a NY Strip steak. Kind of weird for me to order a steak but since we were at a place known for their steaks I thought why not? It was DELICIOUS as were Tony's scallops. Tony also wanted to try their onion rings (awesome) so we had those as a side. I was so stuffed I wasn't going to order dessert but then I saw a Chocolate Duo and decided I had just a little room left. We shared some chocolate mousse and a molten lava cake (divine).

Before we left I took a few pictures of T to remember the day and I got a good assortment of faces...

The Smolder

The "How Many People Saw Me Do The Smolder?"

The "Haha! Smolder!"

I just love this guy. So lucky he's mine! 

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Leslie said...

sounds like a great lunch and a great Valentines. If you ever come into the city, try Koco's. it's a tiny place in NE Baltimore that serves the best crab cakes in the state. Better the G&M! : )

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