Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Session 2, Class 3

Today's art class focused on wolves and Dakota's painting came out super cool. It was a long project so instead of the usual 3-4 projects there were only two but the canvas they did was awesome!

So first, using pencil, the kids drew a large circle on their canvas. It's hard to see in the photo but it's there and it's sort of an oblong shape more than a circle, but it was just the beginning.

Next we used some midnight blue paint to go around the moon to create the sky. I made her moon a little more circular shaped and did the outline so she would know exactly where to paint the rest of the blue and what to leave white.

Once the sky was complete we added a wolf silhouette to the center of the canvas and then got started with the yellow paint.

And then, using the wrong end of a small paintbrush,  Dakota added little silver stars.

To finish it off we removed the wolf cut out and painted it black inside. 

This is the finished product:

I think it turned out great! The kids did have time for one other project while waiting for the paint on this to dry...

They got a piece of shiny white paper, a white fox cut out, a gray cut out, some wiggly eyes and a black puff ball for the nose. They used dot markers to create the habitat in which a fox might live. She used green to dot on some grass, then brown to make a tree trunk, more green for the leaves and a puffy blue cloud. 

Once she was done creating the environment she pieced together her cute little fox.

We were supposed to work on frogs and lily pads this week but the little boy who REALLY loves frogs was out sick today so we skipped it so hopefully he'd be able to do it next week. So, next week there should be frogs...

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