Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dr. Seuss' Birthday, A Little Late

Dakota did some Dr. Seuss art last week at Arsty Partsy and when Harper went to school the following day, he too did some Dr. Seuss related stuff, I just forgot to post it. 

Popsicle Stick Thing One and Thing Two

The Cat in the Hat's Bow

And a story about Thing 1 and Thing 2

It reads: 1 day thag (thing) 1 and thag (thing) 2 came to my home. thay rect (wrecked) evrethag (everything). I said stop but thay will not stop. I cot (caught) them so thay stoped (stopped) finuley (finally). Thay wr (were) sad so I let them out and gave them to the cat in the hat ant (and) thay wrr (were) happy. 

I was really hard to write all that with the misspellings! I wish he'd have drawn the pictures to go with the story!

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