Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day and also A Day Without a Woman. International Women's Day commemorates the movement for women's rights while A Day Without a Woman focuses on "recognizing the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio-economic system--while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment, and job insecurity."

A few different ways women could participate today were: 1) take the day off from paid or unpaid work 2) refrain from shopping online or in stores with the exception of small business or women owned businesses 3) wear red to show solidarity.

I wasn't able to take the day off (I've got kids, so duh) but I didn't do any online/store shopping and I did wear the only red shirt I own. It's ugly, but it's red and it did the job. I also bugged my family to let me take pictures of them or send me selfies in their red clothing just so I could post their women loving selves here for the world to see! And yes, I did make some of them change what they were wearing just to get these pictures but they would have done it on their own if they'd have remembered. I know I can count on them, no matter what.

My handsome husband

My beautiful Zoe

My handsome Landon

Cutie Patootie Harper

Sweetie Pie Dakota

The Original Bad Ass Herself, My Mom!

My Adorable Sister LaTisha

My Amazing Brother Kyle

My Gorgeous Nephew Jaron

The only one missing here is my dad who is currently in England so I wasn't able to get a hold of him in time. I did try but it's difficult to connect when he's so far away. Rest assured though that he'd have been sporting some red if he'd been home! 

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