Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dakota Past, Present and Future

I love this paper Dakota did at school today.

She couldn't wait to get home to tell me about it either! The first column labeled "baby" has a (green) bed that she's sleeping in, her drinking a bottle (she's the pink person with a giant bottle underneath) and her mommy holding her (she informed me that I was the mom).

The middle (Now) section has a picture of her hanging on the wall (?) her watching a video (the TV is the blue thing in the middle and she is upside down to us in the blue square) and a purple bed.

The last section is my favorite. She drew a car because she plans on doing lots of driving when she's an adult and her holding up a building because she's going to be really strong. I'm pretty sure if anyone sets their mind to holding up a building and actually achieving it, it'll be her. :)

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Water Balloons

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