Monday, April 3, 2017

Fancy Field Trip Friday

Harper's school had spirit week last week. Mismatch Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wacky Hair Wednesday, Thirty Year Old Thursday and Fancy Friday.

Harper dressed up every day except Tuesday because I totally forgot about it. Monday he mismatched his socks and shoes (it's actually kind of hard to mismatch his all seems to work pretty much. I probably should have put Tony in charge of that day, he would've figured it out! Haha!) I already posted his Wednesday mohawk and Thursday he wore regular clothes because he was a "dad". :) He said one of the girls in his class was a "mom" and everyone in their class decided they should get married. Oh boy. For Fancy Friday he wore a shirt and tie that we had from last summer's cruise. I was thankful it still fit even though he'd outgrown the pants and shoes that went with them! Oh well. He wore a shirt and tie and let me brush his hair...that's as fancy as he got.

While Harper was getting his spirit on at his school, Dakota was heading out on her very first field trip with her school. Her pre-k class went to Port Discovery and Zoe decided to chaperone which was awesome! I was a little nervous about Dakota going on the trip because I thought she might freak out last second, but she didn't. She did great! Zoe said she acted a little bored at times but when Dakota came home she said she'd had a good time. I LOVE that Zoe went with her and when Harper heard she was going he said he wanted Zoe to go with him one time too. Lucky for her he's got a trip coming up at the end of the month! :)

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