Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Project Life, 2017, Week 8

Week 8, February 20-26

From the top left we have the kids out enjoying the sunshine on their bikes. It's time to get back to this as Harper has regressed a little since the fall. Dakota is much more confident and adventurous when it comes to riding bikes/scooters/skating while Harper tends to worry and be very cautious. He needs practice and we're going to have to make sure he gets out now and again to work on his confidence and skills. Dakota and I made a bird feeder and Harper practiced some drawing. Tony and I began painting our blue accent wall in the dining room, kids played and an adorable penguin was made in art.

The right side begins with a picture of Zoe and Dakota on the swing. Dakota is eating lunch and they're talking away. Then, a picture of Dakota going to school with her super hero mask on. :) Next row features a painting Harper made in art class at school, a photo of us all playing a board game and Friday night dinner at Kodo. On the bottom right is a picture of my kitchen floor and the mess that Dakota and her friend Sydney made. (A friend of mine of Facebook had just mentioned how tired he was of everyone pretending like their lives were always peachy on social media so I sent him that picture. Life isn't always peachy for sure.) The last picture is of the kids at Krispy Kreme with the doughnut hats on. Fun times with the family that night!

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