Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Harper's Wishes

This paper came home in Harper's backpack last week and my first thought was: he's such a 6 year old! The paper reads: You have found a lucky four leaf clover. You are granted four wishes. On each leaf, write down each of your wishes.

He wrote:

  1. to be rich- I mean, of course. Who doesn't wish that? I think even rich people probably wish to be richer, right? I know if I ever found a genie in a bottle I'd be wishing for some cash. 
  2. a puppy- Yup, definitely a little kid's wish. Of course there are lots of adults who want puppies, but it seems like EVERY kid wants their own puppy. They're just so dang cute and cuddly and when you're a little kid it's always fun to have something smaller than you are. 
  3. no school- I told him to quit wishing for that because he has like a million school years left and wishing it away isn't going to do him any good. Killed that dream, quick. 
  4. bunkbed- This one made me laugh because I swear little kids have a thing with bunk beds! Don't they? A bunk bed to a little kids is just the damned coolest thing. You get to climb a ladder to get into bed at night and sleep so high up in the air! Heavenly! Except, making bunk beds is a total pain in the ass and they take up massive amounts of space. And, they're dangerous AND he has a ceiling fan so that wouldn't work. 

While all of his wishes were great, they are totally not happening. He's probably going to have to make his own riches, buy a puppy after he's graduated school and maybe if his kids are lucky, they'll get the bunk bed. Poor guy. 😉

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