Monday, March 20, 2017

Gold Buff

Yesterday Tony and I spent the entire day painting our dining room. We did the accent wall last month and it was time to get the rest of that room finished. I went with a much darker yellow than what I had up there before and with the first few brush strokes I knew I was really going to like the new color.

We hadn't gotten very far when I decided the gold looked quite orange, but I liked it anyways so we kept going. It wasn't until we got to the third wall that I realized it was only a shade or two different from the accent wall in my living room! No wonder I liked it! You can kind of see the color in the photo below, how similar it is to the wall in my living room. 

This color really seems to change with the light, just as the blue wall does. Sometimes it appears more gold while other times it's more of an orange. I'm really happy with the color and it's so nice that everything looks so clean and crisp again! 

I was painting the trim white when Harper came in to ask me a question and when I looked up at him I failed to stop painting and ended up painting the very bottom piece of trim white too. It was originally brown and you can see that in the photo above, but now it's all white. Oops. One gallon isn't going to be enough to paint the rest of the kitchen so I'll have to get to Lowe's for more before the week in through so that we can hopefully finish this area up this weekend. Painting sure makes everything look nice but it is a lot of work, especially when the kids say "Mom" every 5 seconds!

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