Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Project Life, 2017, Week 5

I'm moving right along on these pages and here's week 5.

We went dress shopping and although it was only the second place we visited, it was the one that had the dress we all loved! The middle row shows a couple of the other gowns Zoe tried on and a photo of the rack of dresses as we first walked in. On the bottom left there is a picture of veils,tiaras, etc. The fish is one Dakota made at Artsy Partsy that week.

As I was dropping Dakota off at school we got a bit of a snow flurry and she couldn't wait to get out of the van and catch some on her tongue! Harper had a 100th day celebration at school and when I asked for a picture of him in his hat, I got that silly face. Next, in the center is a photo of the kids and I painting canvas' on a Saturday morning. I always get up with the kids on Saturday mornings and Tony takes his turn on Sunday's. Also in the middle is a photo of Tony and Harper working on a kit Harper got for Christmas and then a photo of the two kids having their breakfast together. They have their breakfast and watch a show on Netflix every school morning at that little table. On the bottom is a photo of the t-shirt that I made Dakota for her 100th day of pre-k and the final picture is of the Valentine cards that Harper gave his friends this year. He didn't care to help make them at all so I just did what I wanted! 

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