Thursday, March 16, 2017

Project Life, 2017, Week 7

We were having some good weather and we were enjoying ourselves outside! We went to Meadowbrook playground in the morning and that afternoon we went to Mema and Umpa's house for dinner. While dinner finished the kids went out to play and I followed to see what they were up to. They did they usual, climbing trees, running down the hill, playing ball...Zoe tried to climb the fence but she didn't get any further than what you see in the picture! 

I did a half page insert about Valentine's Day because that fell during this week. The two youngest enjoyed passing out their Valentine treats and couldn't wait to get home to see what their friends had given them. Dakota and I made an Italian Love Cake and we set the table up for a Valentines meal. I also put a couple pictures of our "What I Love About" hearts and Tony and Landon filling them out.

The right page begins with more outside time, jumping on the trampoline and playing basketball. I included a picture of Tony here from when we went to lunch at Ruth Chris. I love this picture of him! Then there's Landon who I dropped off at his girlfriends house so that they could spend some time together and exchange their Valentine gifts. He brought dinner (corndogs) and a movie. :) And the last picture is of Brandon when we all went out for ice cream...I warned him I'd be putting his pic up on the blog and he still went with this silly face! :) 

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