Monday, March 20, 2017

T-Ball Practice

Harper had his very first t-ball practice tonight and I'm happy to report that it went well. Just a few weeks ago I asked him if he wanted to go outside and practice catching a baseball and he looked at me with horror in his eyes and said "What?! I have to catch balls?" After a good laugh I assured him that yes, he would have to try to catch balls and he'd even get to hit them off of a tee and run bases. He wasn't so sure about this whole thing but you'd have never known it tonight! Thank goodness!

They began the practice with some warm ups and then there were four stations; ground balls, "catching" and throwing, running bases and batting. "Catching" is a very loose term because I don't think I ever saw anyone besides a coach catch anything, but there was some good effort and Harper at least knew if was going to happen, so that was a plus!

Here he is getting ready for a grounder:

And this is him about to make a run to first base:

Here's his first time up to bat:

And, here's his little sister cheering him on: 

I keep trying to convince her to play but she keeps saying "but I just started ballet". I told her she could do both but so far she isn't sold. Maybe next season, we'll see.

The practice lasted a little over an hour and Harper said he had fun so I'm relieved. Hopefully he'll enjoy an entire season of it! :) 

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