Saturday, April 29, 2017

Around the Back Yard

So we've seen how the front yard is coming along and now we'll get a peek of the backyard. I grabbed the last three baskets of Portulaca at Lowe's the other day and decided to distribute them in my deck boxes. I didn't have enough for all 5 boxes but I had plenty for three plus a big pot on the deck. When I looked at them yesterday I didn't think they were going to make it but then this morning they were looking quite amazing!

Begonia do well on the deck too and as soon as I see some I'll grab them for the empty boxes. Last year our neighborhood realtor came around to remind us she's around and handed out little geraniums to each house. The geranium she gave us did so well that I decided to grab one for this year too. It looks like it's going to do OK but I forgot to get a photo...another day. 

I was surprised to find that I had some big purple and light pink Clematis this year! It didn't do that great last year but this year seems to be making a comeback. 

Along the (future) path in the back we planted some new stuff. We've planted some winners back there but lots of losers too...we'll see how this years picks go. 

We've got Lantana:

Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia: (this is much nicer looking than here in my picture, google for proof)

Platinum Blonde Lavender:

Pony Tails Mexican Heather Grass:

Society Garlic:

While I cleared the (future) path of weeds, Tony cleared the (future) patio of weeds. While he was digging he dug up a giant rock that I got super excited about (weird, I know) and had him move in front of our baby Dogwood tree. He ended up finding a few more large rocks so we put them all together under the tree. Doesn't it look comfy there with the little tree, rocks, bench and water fountain in the back? The fountain doesn't work as a fountain but does a great job covering up the hole in the fence! ;) 

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