Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Artsy Partsy, Make Up Class

This morning Dakota and I headed to a make up art class from the day that it snowed and schools were cancelled. We couldn't make it because the class time coincided with Harper getting on the bus and we were fortunate the others missed for the same reason so there was this make up lesson.

The original class was about frogs and lily pads but today we made bunnies since it's close to Easter.

The teacher started them out with a coloring page that would later be cut into a mask. As you can see in the picture below, Dakota chose to make hers mostly purple with a hint of pink. :)

When the girls finished coloring they were given a practice sheet of paper to learn how to draw their very own bunny. 

It was a good thing they practiced because Dakota misunderstood what to do a few times. She made the first (inside) bunny ear tiny and then realized she had to make it a bit bigger. Then she drew the whiskers from the side of it's mouth instead of nose which I pointed out and she fixed. Then, instead of just an eyeball she drew a person...not sure what that was all about. It still turned out pretty cute and she was ready to move on to the real deal.

After setting the her drawn bunny aside the kids made a bunny in the grass scene with a bunny stencil and some paints.

The final project of the day was a little bunny finger puppet.

And here's the finished bunny mask:

We'll likely sign up for one more session that will end right around the same time school will be getting out and that'll be it for the art classes for awhile. We won't be able to do these types of things in the fall when all three kids will be in school full time. :(

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