Monday, April 3, 2017

Back Pack Treasures

I just love some of the stuff my kids bring home. This one is short but made me laugh: "If I were President I would tel a lot of speehis." (If I were president I would tell a lot of speeches.) Haha! I'm thinking maybe he was supposed to say something he'd do or change but he went with the obvious instead. I love the picture he drew in the circle at the top, him with an O mouth yelling to the O heads...haha! It's great!

And then there is this adorable little lamb Harper brought home today. So stinking cute! I guess this project had to do with spring coming in like a lamb or something? Who knows, but it's so darn cute!

And, these papers by Dakota weren't done at school but are too sweet to miss. The first one is of us all at the dinner table. We are eating spaghetti. The five of us are holding hands and even the dog is sitting under the table waiting for a noodle to drop. On the center of the table she drew a lazy susan with salt and pepper shakers as well as the napkin holder. Adorable. (Landon is a little hard to see, he's on the far right and she drew him with a yellow highlighter...but he's there, I promise.)

After we all ooohed and ahhhed over our family dinner portrait she got to work on her second masterpiece of the night. 

In that picture we are all throwing away our trash from dinner. Yep. We are in a line, tallest to shortest (except Landon is definitely taller than me these days) so maybe oldest to youngest and we are throwing away our trash. These papers just make my day!

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